Vineri, 22 septembrie 2017
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Statements of principle

The National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration was established as the natural consequence of property concept development in Romania and of the need of creating a solid basis for securing the property according to the Constitution. The merger of cadastre and land registration under a unique authority creates the premises of a correct, transparent and easy to administrate recording activity for all real estate at national level.

Due to the importance of data which ANCPI produces and provides, due to the implications which it generates at central and local administration structures level as well as in the real estate market field, in the domestic and international business environment, we consider that we have a special responsibility to our partners. Also, we would like our organization to be known for its motivated and competitive work climate within which our colleagues activate, so that ANCPI image will grow together with the aspirations of each of us.

In this context, our belief is that both partners and clients of the organization will benefit form various products and services, useful and professional, created on the right basis, according to the mutual benefit principle.

Due to high standards that we propose ourselves for the functioning of the system, any malfunction noticed from the inside or outside of the organization will represent for us at the same time a help and an alarm signal.

On short and medium term, ANCPI's priorities are focused on the achievement and improvement of an efficient system of property registration at country level, according to European standards in the filed of cadastre and land registration.

On long term, we propose ourselves to build a data basis completely computerized, unitary as to cadastral and land registration information, easy to access and to maintain.

Our purpose is to be able to provide quality information rapidly, efficiently, correctly and transparently to all citizens and to provide a real basis for the development of real estate market, of governmental and international programs in the filed of cadastre and land registration.

At the same time, we pay a special attention to the regulations in the specific field, so that authorized natural and legal persons, institutions in the field may carry out the activities in a corresponding legal framework, permanently updated to the trends at European and international level.

As governmental organization, with legal personality, subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, we have obligations first of all to the citizens, and then to Romanian organizations and associations in the field. Several partnerships of the National Agency with the Notaries Union, Romanian Banking Association, National Union of Real Estate Agencies, National Association of County Councils Presidents, we are bind to reliability and professionalism in developing a viable property registration system, coherent and efficient, with major implications in various fields and that are essential in the Romanian society of the 21st Century.

Built following the principles of a market economy, led by a young managerial team assisted by an international consultancy team and taking benefit from the support of the World Bank and European Community programs, we consider that we have all prerequisites to develop cooperation and partnership relations with anyone sharing our interests.
Agenția Națională de Cadastru și Publicitate Imobiliară